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Bedwetting Alarm: You Have to See This Cutting-edge Bedwetting Alarm

We invented the most simple solution to your child's bedwetting problem when we patented the original bedwetting alarm. Fast forward 30 years, and millions of success stories later, and we are innovating again.

Recently we introduced an all-new Nytone bedwetting alarm which has, once again, set the standard for bedwetting alarms. Customers are already raving about the improvements.

Our all-new design provides these unparalleled benefits:

  • Low Profile, Looks Cool - With a more sleek, low-profile, the all-new Nytone bedwetting alarm offers a sports-band inspired arm strap. Now your child will feel like mom or dad when they're going to the gym or for a run, rather than wearing a clunky bedwetting alarm that is awkward, embarrassing or uncomfortable to sleep with.
  • Instant Off - Other bedwetting alarms need to dry out completely or have the batteries removed before the alarm stops sounding. With new and improved Nytone, simply unplug the cable at the quick connect and the alarm will turn off immediately. 
  • Cost Effective - For less than one visit to the doctor, you can get the proven results of the new Nytone bedwetting alarm.
  • All Natural - The all natural Nytone requires no medication or homeopathic remedies. It's the least invasive way to stop bedwetting once and for all.


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