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Say Hello to Nytone, Say Goodbye to Bed Wetting Forever!

Say Hello to Nytone, Say Goodbye to Bed Wetting Forever!

Say Hello to Nytone, Say Goodbye to Bed Wetting…Forever!

We are a local Utah company with over 30 years of extensive experience in our industry. We produce a natural, cost effective, and compassionate cure for bed wetting in children of all ages. The statistics are alarming, not only how many children suffer from this today, but the ages at which they do so! Many children are in their teenage years, particularly boys, and as the children get older, this problem becomes more embarrassing and difficult to deal with. A child who is unable to participate in the normal day to day activities, like sleepovers with friends, campouts with their local community organization or functions that require long overnight stays will develop a self-esteem problem that will be difficult to overcome as long at the behavior continues.

This isn’t just a huge problem for the child, the involved, caring parent experiences high levels of frustration trying to find a remedy for this behavior. The day to day struggles of parenting are difficult and time consuming enough, adding bed wetting into the mix can push some over the edge. We live in a society today that is more likely to jump to medication to cure a medical problem than actually change the behavior naturally. It is important to understand that less than 3% of bed wetting situations is actually medical in nature. Nytone changes the child’s behavior permanently. The Nytone bed wetting alarm is natural, very sleek, safe and affordable. The Nytone bed wetting alarm alerts the child as the behavior is beginning, so they can wake up, and a parent can help them to the bathroom to finish relieving themselves if necessary. Some see permanent results as early as 2 to 6 weeks with the average success by 12 weeks. Nytone was created over 30 years ago, with a parent trying to solve this problem for his child. The intention then, as it is today, was to help a child change a behavior that their body was not naturally evolving through on its own. This product was created out of compassion, concern and love for a child and that is still true today. The Nytone product has evolved beautifully over the past 30 years! The original construction, which was very successful and effective, was bulkier and today is very sleek. The people at Nytone have been able to improve the product design and keep the cost down. The intention at Nytone has never faltered-provide a safe, natural, permanent solution to a sensitive, embarrassing and bothersome behavioral problem.

We are creating this blog for two reasons. We understand how necessary this product is, and we have the best one made in our industry today! We also wanted a platform for concerned parents, children experiencing bed wetting and anyone who is in contact with someone who has this problem to be able to ask questions, share experiences and success stories! This is an issue that can be very difficult to discuss even with those closest to you, let alone find a remedy. Please feel free to comment, ask questions and share any stories regarding this problem of bed wetting and we look forward to hearing from you!

For more detailed information on our Nytone Bed Wetting alarm, please visit our website here,  or our Facebook page here.

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