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Incredible Bedwetting Alarm Review from Mommy Blogger at Open Hands!


We recently had a Mommy Blogger from Open hands, try our bed wetting alarm with such unbelievable success, we wanted to share the review with you all. She had been having many frustrating nights with her five year old boy and he was beginning to feel embarrassed and frustrated as well. The results for this Mom and son were very quick. Results vary from child to child, but the Nytone Bed Wetting alarm is still the most effective, natural and safe alarm on the market today. Please, if you are having this situation with your child, try our alarm before opting for medication, as only 1% of bed wetting situations are a result of an actual medical condition. Below is the fabulous review:







If you have a little one who struggles with bed-wetting you know how hard of a journey it can be! Our big guy was a pleasure to potty train, at 21 months he was ready and trained in just 3 days! He didn't stop wetting the bed right away, but he was still young so I just didn't give it much thought...then he turned 3 , and then 4 and he was still wetting the bed. I understood that this was still rather young, especially for boys, but I also knew many kids his age that hadn't wet the bed in a long time, so I thought maybe we just needed to work with him a little harder.

 So once our little guy turned 4 hubs and I started waking him in the middle of the night to try and take him , and we realized quickly that he is a very , very heavy sleeper. No wonder he wasn't waking to pee! So, we tried not to become frustrated as we learned it was something that he just truly couldn't help. But , then it happened...he was about 4 1/2 and we were heading to visit some family out of state who also had little kids, and our sweet guy was so embarrassed by the fact that he had to wear pull-ups to bed. He wanted to be able to wear underwear like the rest of the kids, but every time we let him he would wake up soaked.

 Recently our big guy turned 5 and was still wetting the bed, it became very disheartening to him the day his 2 yr old brother woke up dry. We had to make a big deal about it, because it was a big deal for our 2 yr old, but my heart broke when my 5 yr old walked in and said "why did he wake up dry?". Thankfully just a few days later I was given the opportunity to try out the 
Nytone Bedwetting Alarm.

 Now, I have to be honest and say  I was a bit skeptical when I first heard how Nytone worked. Simply clip the sensor to your little ones underwear and when they begin to pee the alarm goes off, telling them to stop? Really? If my shaking and yelling wasn't going to wake my big guy, and if getting soaked in his pee didn't wake him...how in the world was an alarm and a drop of pee going to wake him? But, it surely wasn't going to hurt to try, so off we went!

 So on April 8th my big guy went to bed with the alarm for the first time. It was super easy to put on, we sent him to bed in a shirt and his undies. The alarm easily goes around his arm and then the sensor part connects , goes under the sleeve of your little ones shirt and then down the front (the cord should be under the shirt, I left it out for picture purposes) and clips to the front of their underwear  (for obvious reasons I demonstrated on his pants) where it will get wet immediately if your child starts to pee.  After the alarm is ready to go, send your little one to bed, but unlike other nights wake them 1-2 hours later to go pee, then send them back to bed and hope for a dry night! If however the alarm goes off, you will want to go into your childs room and encourage them to stop peeing and help them to the bathroom.














So, I kept a calendar of how each night went & let me tell you it was a journey! Some nights we rejoiced, other nights we laughed and honestly some nights I wanted to cry. There were several nights where the alarm would go off and wake me across the hall, but it wouldn't wake my big guy, I would go in feel his undies and he would be just the slightest bit wet, literally a drop! I couldn't get him out of bed, but the alarm had got him to stop peeing! Then there were nights where he would wake up soaked!! And of course I can't leave out the night that I went in after hearing the alarm and he took it off, threw it and said "I DO NOT HAVE TO PEE!!" and rolled back over and went to sleep! ha ha

 This journey lasted for about 3 weeks, and while thats not long there were nights where I felt we were making no progress at all! But we vowed to be persistant & I am so thankful we did!! A little over a week ago our big guy woke up dry!! WAHOO!! We made a BIG DEAL about it, but honestly I tried not to get too excited. Big guy has woke up dry before, but its rare and sporadic, and its never happened for more than 2 nights in a row...well we are on 2 weeks!! Hubs and I are so proud of our guy, and the smile on his face every morning is truly priceless!

 Nytone has been the greatest product for our big guy & I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has a little one that is struggling with bed-wetting.  Nytone sells for $89.99 and I truly feel it is worth every penny, not only does my big guy no longer have to be embarrassed when we aren't sleeping at home, but think of all that money your saving by not buying pull-ups! ;-) If you have more questions they can be answered on the website.

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