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How the Nytone Bed Wetting Alarm Works

Bed wetting is the highest urologic complaint in children under 10. Up to 15% of children still wet the bed until age 6, and at age 10, the rate is still at about 7%. As you can see, bed wetting is fairly common. Because bed wetting in children is so common, so is the bed wetting alarm.

Nytone Offers the Easiest-to-use Bed Wetting Alarm

When you look at a bed wetting alarm, it can be easy to get confused. Wires and alarms can be tangled and difficult to figure out. Not to mention, it feels a little dangerous to put your child to bed with wires surrounding them.

Nytone’s bed wetting alarm for children is so simple to use, you do not have a chance of being confused.

Start by strapping the alarm to your child’s arm. From there, one wire will run through your child’s pajamas and clip snugly into the underwear. No tangling, no confusion. Just night time security.

Bed Wetting Alarm Wakes Your Child at First Sign of Wetness

At the end of the one wire, the clip attached to your child’s underwear contains powerful sensors that set off the bed wetting alarm at the slightest sign of moisture. Nytone is the most accurate and fastest bed wetting alarm available, and will work effectively to help cure the bed wetting blues.

Multiple Wake-Up Mechanisms

Sometimes you have to wonder if the bed wetting alarm you are using is going to be able to wake your heavy sleeper. With Nytone’s bed wetting treatment, there is no question.

◦Traditional Bed Wetting Alarm Sound

Since we are offering a bed wetting alarm, it stands to reason that it would include a traditional alarm sound. This alarm is loud enough to wake even heavy sleepers from their slumber.

◦Blinking Light

Along with the alarm sound, Nytone’s bed wetting alarm portrays a blinking light to help alert your child to the slightest sign of moisture so they can get up and make it to the bathroom before they wet the bed.


Just in case the alarm and blinking light aren’t enough, the Nytone bed wetting alarm also includes vibration to help rouse your child from sleep.

Order Yours Today

Come on over to Nytone to watch our video and order your bed wetting alarm today! Most children stop bed wetting within 30 days of using the Nytone bed wetting alarm!

Cure bed wetting and help your child succeed for confidence and happiness you can count on!


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We are going to purchase this alarm for our daughter. Hope this will assist her.

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