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Primary Bedwetting Cause: Low Antidiuretic Hormone

There are many bedwetting causes in children under 9 years old. Most of these bedwetting causes will resolve on their own with time and patience, and a strategy or two. Nytone can help you with that!

One of the common primary causes of bedwetting in children is Low Antidiuretic Hormone, or LAH.

How LAH Causes Bedwetting

The antidiuretic hormone is made by nerves in the hypothalamus part of the brain. It helps control blood pressure, and regulate fluid volume in the body by passing it out through urine.

In children under 9 years old, it is very common for little brains to produce a low level of this antidiuretic hormone at night. If your child has LAH, when they go to sleep, since the levels of the hormone drop, and the brain does not inform the bladder that it is full. In essence, the bladder overflows without waking your child. This is how LAH becomes a bedwetting cause in children under 9.

Can a Doctor Help With LAH Bedwetting Cause?

Not until LAH becomes a real problem. There are medications that can regulate LAH. However, no doctor will prescribe it for a child since most children have trouble with it only because their brains are immature. They only need time to grow and will eventually regulate themselves.

If your child reaches into their teenage years, or if you, as an adult suspect LAH as a bedwetting cause, then a doctor might be able to help.

In the Meantime, Try Nytone!

While it might take time for your child’s brain to mature and begin producing an appropriate level of antidiuretic hormone, Nytone has an amazing bedwetting alarm that can help teach your child to recognize their own body’s signals and feelingswithout having to deal with wet sheets, nighttime tears and damaged self confidence.

The Nytone bedwetting alarm attaches easily around your child’s arm and a cord threads through their pajamas and clips to their underwear. At the very first drop of moisture, the alarm will go off. With a light that flashes, a vibration and an alarm that sounds, it is a foolproof way to wake your child.

Whether LAH is your child’s bedwetting cause, or if it is something else, Nytone can help your child train their own body, and boost their confidence for happier, drier nights and better mornings.

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Dec 01, 2016 • Posted by Lorie

Do you ship to Canada? I only saw mentioned within the USA. Is there a Canadian sister company or distributor that provides this item?

Apr 17, 2016 • Posted by Sam Quach

I have ADH syndrome. I was diagnosed when I was 16 years old and I am now 17. The last year for me was a huge improvement in my everyday tasks, especially my school studies. I still have accidents but my esteem has boosted.

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