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Nytone Bedwetting Alarm - A Mother's Story

The Chronicles of Bed Wetting: Motherhood 101

     "My Daughter’s bedwetting began at an early age, which I thought was “normal”. I was also told that “She would grow out of it”. Here she is at age 7 and still wearing pull-ups. Now as a single mom, working as much as I have, I am guilty of forever believing my child would ‘grow out of it’—so to speak. I never had really thought it was such a big deal—till she hit first grade. All the invites to the birthday party sleep overs consumed me. I thought that if I were to let my daughter attend, that I would be the “bad mom” because my daughter still wet the bed. More so- I would be the mom that ‘didn’t know how to parent’ or even the ‘young, uneducated, mother who wasn’t prepared or knowledgeable enough to even reproduce’. Ya—maybe that is just the thoughts that I created in my head—but either way, they were real to me. I always wondered if it would bother my daughter to have to wear a pull up at a sleep over. It didn’t seem to affect her so much when we had her friends (my friends kids) sleep over. Those were the “go to friends” because they didn’t judge.

     Now as time went on, this issue was still not being “grown out of”. I always thought to myself “Is she going to pee the bed forever?” So, I knew something had to be done. I started talking to people first—because that’s what moms do—they talk. I started realizing through asking questions that I was not the only mom out there struggling with this issue—which came to my surprise because we always tend to feel that we are “the ONLY ones” in the world who tend to be dealing with something. These moms were across the board. Some of their kids peed the bed till they were in their teens (bless their hearts) and some were younger around 6 or seven when they stopped wetting the bed. I was so glad I started to speak up. Knowing that other parents were going through this (not to placate) put my bad ‘self talk’ at ease.

     As I continued to talk to people about what they did in order to stop their child from wetting the bed—most of them said they grew out of it A.K.A they never did anything, which I am guilty of as well. We all just continue(d) to buy pull-ups until their child stops on their own. Now if anyone has ever bought pull-ups, those sizes stop at a certain point and they don’t get any cheaper. My fear of them “not having her size” was frightening and buying depends was not on my to do list. Most moms also took their kids to the Chiropractor and it never did ANYTHING. For me as a single mom when I hear the word chiropractor, all I see is dollar signs.

     Something had to be done! I started my online search. I came across this product called “Nytone” a “Bedwetting alarm” which I have NEVER heard of…. No mothers have ever brought it up. So I started talking about it and A LOT of people have never even heard of this dream of a product. I started reading reviews and could NOT believe that this product was not the first thing I was told about. Anyways, I made the leap of faith as we like to call it. It truly is one of the best products out there to get your child or teen on, to stop wetting the bed. Now I am only on day 6 with my child. However, 5 out of those 6 days my daughter WAS DRY. Not only did I see how happy this made my daughter ( which I never thought it even bothered her) it made me such a proud mother! I am so happy to start this journey with her. One thing I can recommend to EVERY PARENT STRUGGLING with their kids bed wetting- spend the 49 dollars to get this- you will be so grateful you did."


                        One Proud Mama


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