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Wait - But Don't Procrastinate: A Bedwetting Guide For Parents

How Long is Too Long to Wait?

Bedwetting—one of the most sensitive topics parents struggle with speaking out about. Why is this such a widely avoided conversation? 1 in 10 children who are the age of 7 still struggle with wetting the bed. A lot of parents are told “they will grow out of it” or “this is just a phase”. Unfortunately, in most cases, that is inaccurate. If bed wetting is not quickly addressed this can grow into something much more than a phase, and it can be present in teenage lives and even longer—adulthood.

Often parents think their child's bedwetting is their fault. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. Most children who wet the bed deal with common occurrences that can cause bed wetting, such as stressful situations with school or home life. It can also happen in children who are very deep sleepers. This common issue can also be hereditary. What can you do to bring your child’s struggle to an end? To start, talk with your child's doctor to rule out any medical issues. If all is clear, then a bedwetting alarm system can be considered.

One of the most common questions is, “How do I know when the right time to purchase a bed wetting alarm is?” This is where the “wait, but don't procrastinate” comes in. Bedwetting alarms can be used in children as young as five years old. If your child is younger than five, they may still grow out of the behavior on their own. However, at about five years old, the longer you wait to try a bed wetting alarm, the longer the process of overcoming the problem will take. As your child grows older, their habits become much more difficult to shake.

Waiting to try a bedwetting alarm can cause other social and emotional issues in your child as well. While bedwetting is common from ages 4-6, bedwetting beyond this age is generally considered "out of the norm". Your child can undergo traumatic experiences when coming into school age. They may start getting invited to sleepovers and are unable to go due to bed wetting. Being “part of the crowd” for your child during this period is so important because it builds confidence and self-esteem. They may also become depressed or anxious about their bed wetting causing them to become further withdrawn.

So why wait any longer? Give your child the confidence that they deserve and help them overcome bedwetting now!


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