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Great review and success story of the Nytone Bed Wetting alarm.

 Below you will find a heart felt success story from a customer of ours at Nytone. We have been perfecting our system for over 30 years now. We at Nytone have a strong commitment to this behavior which can be humiliating and very debilitating to children, especially as they get older. They find themselves unable to participate in the normal activities, like sleepovers with friends, summer camps, and overnight trips. The Nytone alarm is a simple, natural and very effective method for eliminating the behavior of bed wetting, and the frustrations that come with it for both parent and child. The medical industry supports natural options like the Nytone bedwetting alarm and we hope you will let it help you if the time or need arises.


We purchased our Nytone alarm as a desperate last resort after a friend recommended it. My son was very enthusiastic on ordering and checked the mailbox daily in anticipation (we are in Australia). The day we received our alarm the joy on his face was equivalent to us buying him the best toy in the world. While we had never made a big deal of his bed wetting, or really even mentioned it, it obviously affected him. Five days after starting (the first night he was in bed at 7, begging sleep to come!) he was sleeping through the night and was completely dry. After 2 weeks, he suggested 'going it alone'. He is the happiest boy around and at 8 has finally started wanting to have sleepovers at friends' houses and is actually now looking forward to his first sleepover school camp.

Thank you for an amazing product. Our lives have changed for the better. It might seem like a little problem but it impacts us all. Our boy is confident, happy and relieved to have that chapter of his life behind him.

We will be singing the praises of your product loudly and to everyone with the same need we had. (Had...past tense).

Thanks again, so very much.
Paul and Ann Smith


Thank you to Paul and Ann Smith for taking the time to share your positive and successful story with us at Nytone! We encourage all stories, questions and comments regarding Nytone and our natural, bed wetting alarm.



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