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Bed Wetting Treatment: What is the best solution?

Bedwetting Treatment

Finding the most effective treatment for bedwetting can be a challenging time for you and your child. What you need to know is not all treatments are equal. Nytone is the is the world leader because it:

  • Uses no chemically based medication
  • Guaranteed (Results in 30 days or less in most cases)
  • Clinically proven methodology
  • Over 500,000+ success stories!


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Naturally Superior

Nytone is a 100% natural bedwetting solution. Our clinically proven alarm helps treat and eliminate bedwetting in as little as 3 weeks. It's time to boost your child's confidence with the leader in bedwetting alarms.

World's Smallest Alarm

Meet the world's smallest bedwetting alarm. Nytoneis incredibly easy to use. Simply strap to your child's arm and clip it to their underwear for an extremely comfortable fit that won't get in the way of your child's sleep! 

The Original

We invented and patented the bedwetting alarm around 45 years ago. With that many years of experience, it's no wonder Nytone continues as the preferred choice for the best bedwetting treatment available. 

#1 Recommended by Doctors

More Doctors recommend Nytone for bedwetting because it is easy, friendly and effective for your child. Plus, Doctors love clinically proven treatments. As pioneers in bedwetting alarms, it's no wonder more Doctors know and trust Nytone.

As Featured on TV:

Why Others Love Nytone

"I have a 7 year old boy who hasn't gone more than a few days without wetting in his pull ups. I decided to bite the bullet and buy it...within about 2 weeks he had completely stopped wetting in the night!"  Nicolette L. 

"My son...is nine this year...and it has given him the confidence in himself already thank you." Jimmy L. 

"The Nytone Bedwetting alarm is the best thing to enter our home...within 3 weeks of using Nytone he was waking up dry. He is so excited and so are we!! Thank you Nytone!!" Amanda

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End bedwetting with the revolutionary Nytone bed wetting treatment alarm. We invented the bed wetting alarm around 45 years ago, which gives us an edge on bedwetting treatment alarms that deliver results. Eliminate the cost of Doctor visits, diapers, plastic sheets, and the stress for your child with Nytone.

Even better, moms everywhere love Nytone because it's amazingly small, incredibly simple to use, and uses a unique, tri-notification system to ensure your child wakes (sound, vibration and light). It's time to give your child confidence and the powerful sense of accomplishment with the proven Nytone bed wetting treatment alarm.