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Troubleshoot the Bedwetting Alarm

Troubleshooting the Nytone Alarm will help us help you.


Q: After a bed wetting episode has occurred, the alarm will not shut off even with the clip open.

A: Option #1: Even though the clip may appear to be dry, because it is very sensitive to moisture even the smallest drop of water can set the alarm off. Try turning the unit on and closing the clip (so you can hear the beeping). Then while the unit is still on open the clip and run it under water for several seconds to rinse it off. With the unit still beeping and the clip still open, firmly shake the clip to remove all of the water. Continue shaking it until the unit shuts off. It should now be ready to use again. If this does not solve the problem try the second option below.

Option #2: If you have tried option number one at the unit still continues to sound, it could be caused by urine build up in the back of the clip. You will need to thoroughly clean the clip using an old toothbrush and rubbing alcohol. Simply dip the toothbrush in the rubbing alcohol to saturate it, then use the toothbrush to clean the inside of the clip. It is best to do this while the clip is open. Be sure to get as far back into the clip as you can. Try to be gentle, yet thorough when cleaning, as not to damage the electrical functions.

Q: I have been using my Nytone alarm for a while, but the vibration and/or sound has suddenly stopped working or the unit is making a light "chirping" sound.

A: If the alarm stops vibrating or sounding (or if the sound or vibration is very low) it is an early indication that the batteries are depleting (even if the unit is not yet flashing red). Occasionally this can happen within a few days of using the alarm due to the shelf life of the batteries. Once you replace the batteries you can expect the alarm to run for several weeks before needing to replace them as long as the unit is not left on for long periods of time at night.

Q: What type of battery does the Nytone use and how are they installed?

A: The Nytone uses two CR2025 coin cell batteries. You can find these at your local drug or grocery store for a few dollars. When installing the batteries be sure that the text is facing up on both batteries.

Q: I just received my Nytone unit and when I turn it on it won't stop beeping.

A: This is most likely due to the clip being closed. When the two metal pieces in the clip are touching it triggers the alarm. Open the clip and the unit should stop sounding and vibrating.

Q: I just received my Nytone unit and when I turn it on some of the functions do not work (ie: it won't vibrate or won't sound), or the sound and/or vibration is very low.

A: This is most likely due to dead or low batteries. Because we cannot control the amount of time a unit sits (or its "shelf life") the batteries may have become drained by sitting in inventory for an extended period of time. We do our best to rotate inventory as quickly as possible so this does not happen. If you do receive a unit that has dead batteries please contact us and we are happy to send you another set for free.

***It is important to note that if the above troubleshooting tips do not solve your problem it may be caused by a manufacturer defect. Your Nytone alarm comes with a full One Year Replacement Warranty so please contact us regarding a warranty replacement. To submit a warranty request please click on the link below.***