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Still Bedwetting? It's Time to Get Control!

Most doctors agree that using a bedwetting alarm is the most effective and permanent treatment for bedwetting in children. Because Nytone is the original bedwetting alarm system it has been trusted by doctors and parents alike for more than 45 years! Bed wetting in children can be a challenging time for both the child and parent. What's important for you to remember is that you are not alone. In fact, bedwetting in children is more common than most people realize. More than 1 out of 10 children who are 7 years old struggle with bed wetting.

Here are some quick facts about children and bed wetting:

  • In most cases, the cause of bedwetting is not known. However, such factors include bladder size, stressful emotional situations at home or school, your child sleeps so deeply, they don't wake, and more.
  • Approximately 16% of 6 year olds struggle with bed wetting.
  • Many times, bed wetting runs in families. If both parents struggled with bedwetting as children, it's 30% more likely their children will have the same problems.
  • It's not your child's fault. Children don't want to wet the bed on purpose.

What Can I Do to End My Child's Bedwetting?

You are doing the number one thing you can do to help eliminate your child's bed wetting--that's to learn more about your options.
At Nytone, we've been dealing with bed wetting in children for more than 45 years. It all started when our father invented the original bedwetting alarm and launched Nytone. We were amazed at the power and effectiveness of his simple, patented invention. 
Fast forward to today, and we've helped over 500,000 children (and their grateful parents) end their bedwetting woes. And now, our latest bedwetting alarm is the WORLD'S SMALLEST bedwetting alarm out there!

The Leading Solution for Bedwetting in Children

Of all the solutions out there for child bedwetting, there are some that work much better than others. We've tried many of them, and this is what we've found:
  • Treatment Clinics - These can be effective, but take time and a lot of commitment. They can also be costly.
  • Medication - Medication is a hit or miss solution, depending on the underlying cause of your child's bedwetting. We don't like medication because we don't like putting drugs in our kids. 
  • Diapers/Plastic Bed Covers - These are like a band-aid that doesn't actually solve the problem. Plus, we find that most children don't like wearing diapers when they are 5+ years old. 
  • Restricting Fluids - This method is only about 15% effective. Most of the time fluid consumption is not at the root of the problem.
  • Punishment - Because your child has no control over their bedwetting punishing them will most likely lead to poor self esteem and increased anxiety over their bedwetting problem. This will likely make the problem worse.
  • Setting an alarm at a specific timeBecause the alarm needs to sound at the exact moment that bedwetting occurs, setting an alarm and waking the child up without having an episode will not result in lasting effects.
  • Bedwetting Alarms - We have found, through numerous studies, that the Nytone bedwetting alarm has been the #1 way for ending bedwetting in more children.
The Nytone bedwetting alarm uses clinically proven methods to gently wake your child whenever the signs of urination appear during the night. As a result, a child struggling with bedwetting becomes conditioned to recognize their body's natural signs to urinate. Even if they are a deep sleeper, they will quickly recognize the signs and become cured.
For most children, the Nytone alarm works so well that their bedwetting becomes a problem of the past within a few short weeks.

How It Works

The simple Nytone bedwetting alarm is the WORLD'S SMALLEST bedwetting alarm making it easy to use and unobtrusive to your child's restful sleep. It simply attaches to your child's arm, much like a sports band for your phone or mp3 player. 

The Nytone alarm uses proprietary circuitry to detect moisture before other alarms. This means your child is warned earlier than the competition, resulting in greater confidence and better results.

What Else Can I Do?

In addition to using the leading Nytone bedwetting alarm, parents have the best results when they do the following:

  • Positive reinforcement every night your child doesn't wet the bed can go a long ways to a success.
  • Minimize the amount of fluids your child drinks prior to bed time, instead it is a good idea to move overall fluid intake to earlier in the day.
  • Especially avoid drinks with caffeine, as caffeine speeds up urine production.
  • Whenever your child wets the bed, don't make them feel worse than they already do. Encourage them and be supportive.