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Adult Nighttime Incontinence Alarm System


Adult Nighttime Incontinence Alarm System
Adult Nighttime Incontinence Alarm System Adult Nighttime Incontinence Alarm System Adult Nighttime Incontinence Alarm System


The Nytone Alarm System can help anyone, no matter how old. As long as the individual can wake up to an alarm or vibration (or someone else can hear the alarm and help wake them up) then it will work!

How is it used to stop nighttime incontinence?

  • Alarm System - Place the alarm unit on the upper arm with the elastic armband and run the cord through the inside of a night shirt. A small clip attaches to the outside of the underwear. 
  • Incontinence Alert - The moment the clip senses moisture it will sound the alarm and/or vibrate waking up the individual (or caregiver) so that they can stop wetting and use the bathroom.
  • Sound, Vibration and Multiple Tone -  Our alarm system has everything you need to awaken even the deepest sleeper including multiple tones to eliminate the possibility of "tuning out" the sound of the alarm. A three-fold combination of audible, tactile, and visual stimulation is designed to wake heavy sleepers and facilitate nighttime alarm training.
  • Lightweight and Inconspicuous - the alarm is lightweight, weighing in at only 1.7 ounces. The arm unit measures 2" x 2" and can be discretely worn under clothing if necessary.
  • Comfortable - the Nytone Alarm is worn around the upper arm with an adjustable, soft and flexible elastic band and the alarm unit features our exclusive Soft Touch™ Coating so it won't irritate the skin. 
  • Warranty - Nytone alarms are covered by a comprehensive One Year Product Replacement Warranty! See our warranty section for more details.


About 45 years ago, Nytone invented and patented the first nighttime incontinence alarm. With these pioneering roots, it's no wonder Nytone has become a trusted and relied-upon solution for nighttime incontinence. Achieving 500,000+ success stories is no easy feat. 


    • Sleek Nytone Alarm System with advanced circuitry for remarkable results and quick response to moisture.
    • Innovative Moisture Sensor with easy clip to attach to underwear closest to the first sign of bedwetting.
    • Quick Start Guide in multiple languages to ensure the absolute best results.
    • Batteries are included with every product. Customers are able to use the alarm right out of the box.